Metal tile of Claudia

Universal and common type of metal tile, the appearance of which resembles natural tile. Thanks to its profile geometry, Claudia looks refined and elegant.

Light weight, which allows you to quickly do roofing work

It is made of rolled material of known manufacturers

Resistant to atmospheric phenomena

Simple roof repair, damaged sheet is easy to replace if necessary.

Perfectly retains color throughout the service life

Ignition resistant

Environmentally safe

Klaudia metal tile is one of the most popular roofing materials due to its unique characteristics. It is a strong, airtight, light and easy to operate and install material that has a reliable fastening system and resistance to aggressive chemical environments and adverse weather conditions. All this makes metal a very versatile material.

Coating:glossy, matte
Zinc content:200 - 275 g / sq. m
Overall width:1190 mm
Useful width:1120 mm
Sheet length range:900 - 6410 mm
Thickness:0,45 - 0,50 mm